And so it went…

In my last post, I mentioned how we were going to try our first “real-time” online service. Well, we did eventually get it up and running after a few attempts. I still think is a pretty decent platform to use especially since it uses a browser. Good for those who aren’t tech savvy. It was the only web conferencing platform I found that would not prompt you to install an app. Just click on the meeting link, type in your name, click on JOIN, allow for mic and video access and you’re in the meeting. Of course, it doesn’t have a lot of the functions that Zoom has but, if you don’t need those functions, it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, the one feature that should have worked but didn’t was the recording. I have no idea what happened. I started the recording and it was going on fine. When I stopped it, however, nothing happened. Usually, there should have been a pop-up window saying something like “Converting video”. But nothing happened. So it was not recorded. And so, for the sake of completeness, I did a quick presentation recording of the message which can be viewed here .

Will we attempt a realtime service again? Yes! But probably on a different platform…. But for now, be blessed!

What do you reckon?