Giving God the glory..

I just wanted to share a testimony regarding this past Sunday’s message. Last Friday, I began to sense that the song I was using for the recording had a prophetic dimension to it. You can read about this in my post entitled “Jeremiah 29:13 – An Invitation To The Nation”. Anyway, The recording of the song and the video went quite smoothly and I get everything done in under 2 hours – which was alright. I decided to do the editing in another room so, unthinkingly, I shut down my laptop and moved. When I wanted to begin the editing, I launched my Filmora software …. and there was nothing there!!! I realised I had forgotten to save the project after recording! At that moment, I was too tired to get frustrated so I just quietened down and asked the Lord to help me. If I needed to re-record, I’d do it but preferred not to. After looking up different sources on the Internet and also searching my hard drive, I managed to find the temp files containing my recordings!! Hallelujah! I was so relieved and managed to get it edited without having to rush. You can watch the recording by clicking on the link below. To God be the glory! As a one-time IT guy, I know the Lord knows more about technology than I do and, once again, it is proven. Thank You, Lord!

The Gospel According to Abraham

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