1 Pastor’s Experience on The Blessing SG…

I received an email in early May regarding a project to bless our nation, Singapore, especially during this viral season and also with Pentecost Sunday in the not-too-distant future. Ordinarily, I’m not one who is very enthused when learning of such projects. But this one caught my eye for one reason – it was an invitation to senior pastors (and other leaders) to participate. Normally, for such music-related projects, the invitation would be to worship pastors, worship leaders, music directors and the like. I mean, in most cases, that’s quite logical. But by inviting the senior pastors, the organizers were showing a heart to bless the nation in an even more impactful way – as the leaders of priests bless, so will the priests (i.e. the body of Christ) bless. It also meant that more mature saints were welcome! 🙂
And so I signed up for it, got the instructions and got the recording done. Listening to the reference track, I began to feel like this was going to be very well produced and the end-product would be impactful. Since my recording rig has been set up at home for a while, I managed to get everything done and I think I only did 1 recording and sent it in.
On 31 May 2020, Pentecost Sunday, the video was released and it was as “WOW” as I expected it to be. If you haven’t already, you can view the video below. And as it turned out, I appear in a couple of the parts – something which a number of my Christian friends were happy about, judging from the number of pictures I received of myself. 😀 – but what was more significant was to see the age ranges and the various language groups represented. Truly, it was an occasion of the whole church blessing the whole nation.

The next day, 1 June 2020, many people reported seeing a rainbow over one part of Singapore. Rainbows always remind me of Noah and how God made a covenant with the earth after the flood. Rainbows appear after the rain as a sign of that covenant. One way to look at it is that God remembers. God has not forgotten Singapore – even if Singapore is forgetting God.

Rainbow over Singapore – 1 June 2020

My prayer is that the body of Christ here will continue to be a blessing to the nation in other ways. We’ve done the song, now let’s go be the priests our nation needs. Those who will stand in the gap for the lost and who will pray for the shalom of the city.


What do you reckon?