A Day of Days…

27 Sep 2020 was a day to remember for the OCF family. We held our first ever water baptism service! It was for Uncle Ng, who is the “newcomer” in our group, not having been part of Oasis CF when it started 12 years ago.

It was the Geylang Ministry that reached out to him some 8 years ago and, along the way, he indicated his willingness to become a Christian. So around 2 years ago, he started joining us for Sunday services. I admit I did not think he would stay long but he has been very regular over the years. One of the challenges we faced was that ours was an English service and, although he is bilingual, he is perhaps more conversant in Chinese. It was very marvellous to see all the members chip in to make sure he understood at least one point of the sermon every week.

Out of the blue, at the beginning of 2020, he suddenly asked to be baptised. We had not been asking him to consider or anything like that. It was a request initiated by him which caught us off guard but led us to rejoice.at first it was scheduled for Easter but none of us could foresee the Circuit Breaker being implemented. Thereafter, it was eventually planned for 27/9.

We held the baptism at East Coast Park and, together with Bro Kelvin from Geylang Ministry, had the privilege of baptising Uncle Ng amidst choppy seas. As a pastor, I was thankful to God for His grace upon Uncle Ng and upon the rest of us at OCF. He may not know everything about baptism or Christ yet, but he his now a new creation in Christ! And that’s a good place to start.

What do you reckon?