For God is doing a new thing…but are we?

“For, yea, God is doing a new thing..” If you’ve been in enough pentecostal or charismatic services, you would have heard this phrase uttered numerous times. I often wonder if the prophetic people who made such utterances were targeting to titillate itching ears or was the “god” they were claiming to represent somewhat capricious. I say that with a touch of humour (and a pinch of disdain) BUT it does show that, in some circles and on some occasions, there is a gap between YHWH and those who serve Him. (PS. It is mandatory for every prophetic word uttered to contain a “yea”…..NOT!)

I’ve been meaning to write this blogpost for some weeks but my schedule has been quite full of late. Decided to make use of some of downtime today to ono.

When Singapore went into lockdown (what we termed the “Circuit Breaker”) because of the COVID-19 outbreak, all places of worship were closed and many churches scramble to get into live-streaming services. The minimum hardware/software configuration to livestream is a smartphone and an appropriate app. But most churches put together systems that were more complex and more costly.

As I observed the “frenzy”, Something didn’t sit quite right. Now please don’t get me wrong. At Oasis, we didn’t “jump” straight away. It was a couple of weeks before our prerecorded messages came out. And so we too looked at an online presence.

What was my unease? It was that we Christian leaders could not continue with one medium of church expression so we sought to replicate it on another medium as close as possible to the original. With churches reopening in phases, we are going back toward our 2019 expressions of church.

I fear we might be missing the mark and missing the point. Most believers would agree that God had “pressed the PAUSE button” on the church in this season (He now seems to be set to press PLAY again). And there will be those who liken this to the church being shaken and refined. If that be the case, could we be trying to pick up and glue back some things that fell off during the shaking? (Did that wasn’t supposed to be there anyway!). I mean, physical church services stop and what do we do? Scramble to put church services online!

In the season, I felt we, as church leaders, need to be sure if God is asking us to do an old thing in a be way or does He want to do a new thing altogether?

What “new thing”? I don’t know. It may vary from fellowship to fellowship. Only you, pastor/elder/leader, will know the specifics. I pray that we are not so fixated on church services as we are used to that we miss the Lord’s instruction to see the church serving.

So perhaps you are reading this and you know that the Lord has spoken to you already to close down your church as do something else but you’re resisted. Or maybe His instruction was to half-hour plans for a new sanctuary and do something else with building fund? Can I encourage you to obey the instructions of our good, loving and righteous King? Get your heart aligned with His heart and obey, even if different exatly make sense to you. Now is the time for deeper consecration and greater willingness to obey. Come now, let us go with God!

PS. Although I’ve addressed this to leaders, the same principle applies to every disciple. If God is asking you to do something new, untether yourself and by propelled by the Spirit! Selah….

What do you reckon?