The Sound….

Someone forwarded this YouTube video link on a chat group earlier today so I clicked to play it. It featured the blowing of the shofar. About half way through, I realised that the atmosphere in my office seemed to feel “thicker”. My face also felt a tingling sensation. Not that I was praying or singing… Continue reading The Sound….

Reflecting on Purim…

It is not uncommon to find some Jewish festivals celebrated (or at least commemorated) in Christian churches today.  One that is not, however, is the feast of Purim.  Perhaps because it is not one that seems to have been instituted directly by God in the way, say, Seder (Passover) was.  In other words, there is… Continue reading Reflecting on Purim…

Giving God the glory..

I just wanted to share a testimony regarding this past Sunday’s message. Last Friday, I began to sense that the song I was using for the recording had a prophetic dimension to it. You can read about this in my post entitled “Jeremiah 29:13 – An Invitation To The Nation”. Anyway, The recording of the… Continue reading Giving God the glory..

God is sovereign all the time and all the time God is sovereign

I don’t often do this but I was recently made aware of a post by a popular blogger/speaker/author. The article was entitled “Does God Ever Supersede Our Will In Providential Times?”  In it, the author talks about how God asked him if he believed in providence and then gave him a “corporate prophetic word”.  There… Continue reading God is sovereign all the time and all the time God is sovereign